Our activities

Our activities

Royal Deck has a unique organisation combined with passion and craftsmanship. Within various disciplines we have the right dedicated people to offer the best possible quality. It’s a perfect mix of traditional craftmanship, modern machines and innovative thinking.  

The activities Royal Deck can offer are: 

(Teak) Deck removal works by means of High pressure water jetting:

All existing deck covering (including sub-layers) which needs to be removed until metal surface as much as possible, will be blown into pulp using High Pressure Water-jetting 

All deck cladding incl. subflooring will be blown into pulp mixed with water. 70-80% of this pulp will directly be aspirated through a hose which is connected to the machine. Remaining residue will be aspirated with a separate hose.  

The Deck area is also constantly cleaned with fresh water which will be aspirated as well.  


The aspirated water and pulp will be collected in an open container, on top of which filters are placed. Underneath and in front of the container, a filter will be placed which collects the bits of residues in the water which will leak through the cracks of the container. What remains and runs away is fresh water again. 



Design & Engineering

Royal Deck is always open to follow the technical and aesthetical designs of the shipyard, architect and owner subject it is responsible for use and maintenance. Various designs of deck layouts, special inlays, helidecks, cappingrails, treads and more, can be supplied by the client but can also be designed by our in-house engineering.  

Because we at Royal Deck like to think in ‘out of the box’ solutions, we strongly believe in the phrase: 

If it can be drawn… it can be made!   

And we constantly try to develop ourselves to be able to keep up with this mindset. 


Although Royal Deck has an extensive workforce who can be deployed in a very flexible way; an early planning is appreciated to have the best possibilities in arranging the best team with required materials. Especially wood sometimes needs extra purchase attention, depending on the required sizes and lengths. The planning for templating, prefabrication and installation will always be done in good consultation and cooperation with the shipyard.  

For internalu sage and communications Royal Deck uses its own specialized planning programm. 

Templating and digital measuring

All areas which have to be foreseen of a Teak Deck can either be digitally measured or templated manually at scale 1:1. Whatever way is appreciated, the accuracy is always guaranteed.  

The additional advantage of digital measurements is that the customer receives Teak Deck detail drawings for approval prior to production. Via this way details can be changed or adjusted so that when production starts, everything is clear on forehand. Digital measuring of an entire yacht can often be done in just one day, whilst the templates can be made in only a few days time with no special requirements than a (partly) free deck.  


Either the CNC routered templates or the manually made templates are brought to one of our workshops and spread out on the work floor to imitate the deck 1:1.
The agreed design or approved layout drawings are implemented to the floor. After having selected the exact material specifications, the deck area is made in transportable panels. The panels are primed and caulked as much as possible. After curing of the deck caulk, the deck panels are taken off the floor ready for pre- sanding and are stocked until availability for gluing on board.

Levelling of deck areas

Before the installation of a deck covering, we can also take care of the levelling of the deck areas. 

Royal Deck has access to a highly skilled team of levelling specialists who have experience in applying various levelling products with excellent properties for a specific work. For more than 10 years we have been working with the same people. 

Not only do we carry out levelling works for own projects; We can also subcontract ourselves to any other party who wants their levelling to be of top quality 


Once on board, the panels are laid down to check the right position. After which, they are bonded to the faired deck using a bedding compound. Depending on the area and specifications; weights and/or a vacuum method can be used to bond the teak deck. When all panels are in place, which didn’t have margins already mounted, all loose margins and other details are fitted to exact size and bonded as well. The remaining open seams as well as seams against paintwork and stainles steel are filled with caulking and the entire deck area is covered to protect from damaging. Normally just before launching or commissioning the yacht to the owner, the complete teak deck is finished to a smooth surface by a final sanding. 

A check on accuracy and eventual minor detail defaults and/or irregularities is done with the yard and/or the owner and, if found any, will immediately be remedied on the spot.